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Monday, July 7, 2008

New Business Cards [Proof]


Decided to redo my business card since the first one was well... old. I'd post it up but can't find the file at the moment. But for those who have it or seen it, it was an all black card which had my jC logo on front as well as the image "Eyedentity" on front [the one were a camera obscures my face].

Anyways, I was in the mood to redo my card since my uncle asked if I can redo his for this realty business.

I decided to go through with this hand drawn theme since I do write a lot in my Moleskine notebook..either writing notes or coming up with new concepts for photography. So naturally, the background is a scan of my gridded Moleskine notebook. The front with the camera picture is hand drawn by me and so is the text on the back.

I'm still considering changing the front to some text I'll write instead of the picture. I'm still working on what to write there but when I do come up with it, I'll post another version of the card here.

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