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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

New Business Cards [Revised]

Front Side of New Business Card

Here is the front side of my new business card. It's something totally different from my other ones [when I'm not lazy, I'll scan my old business card as well as my current one]. If anything, it's something different from any other business cards.

There's no jC Photography logo or title that states who I am and what I do. There's no photo[s] like my other business cards had. Instead, the front side simply states what this card is and why the receiver has it in his/her hand.

It reads:
"Chances are, you're holding this because I gave it to you. Chances are, you're interested in my work. Chances are, I want you to be interested. Chances are I'll hear from you soon. Or later. (Or never). But never leave it to chance if we are to work together in the future. Contact me."

Just like the original post below, the text is hand drawn using a tablet and the the background is a scanned image of my gridded Moleskine notebook.

A heads up, I plan to facelift my website and its theme will tie in with my business card. ;)

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