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Saturday, July 19, 2008

On Sale! eBay items listed!!

Just a head's up: posted up some items with low prices for anyone interested in either 1) a Camera, 2) a flash bracket and/or 3) wireless flash trigger.

More details:
Minolta SRT102 with 50mm 1.7 lens

First up is a Minolta SRT102 manual focus camera with a 50mm 1.7 lens. This is indeed a good camera and the reason I'm selling it is because I have the black version. So with a low bidding price, this is a good camera for anyone wanting to get a good film camera and ready to shoot. Everything works real well--shutter, aperture, meter works too [need a new battery]. Any questions about it, just ask!

Stroboframe Folding Flip

This here is Stroboframe's Folding Flip. It's a flash bracket that easily folds so you can put it into your pocket/camera bag quickly. When you want to reduce shadows/red eye, you'll need a flash bracket to put your camera onto the base and then your flash onto the top... the further the flash is from your lens, the less likely you'll produce red eye and shadows. I bought this nearly for $90 and now I'm offering it more than half off.

Here is a link to the updated one.

Wireless Studio Flash Trigger Set

Keep reading if you know what Pocket Wizard is... or keep reading if you have strobes/studio lights and need to trigger them without using sync cords.

So if you're still reading, you already know that Pocket Wizards are uber expensive.. especially for anyone who's just getting their feet wet into the whole wireless flash scene and not wanting to spend over $300 to do so.

These things simply plug into your studio flash and then put this remote trigger shown above onto your hotshoe and wallah! Presto! You can trigger your lights wireless easily from 40' of where your flashes are.

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