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Sunday, August 24, 2008

New Cam: Vivitar Ultra Wide and Slim

purchased from eBay and arrived already wrapped as a gift

Want something cheap? Pocketable? How about something that doesn't require batteries? And the last and quite important question: Do you want to take fun outdoor pictures? If you've answered "YES" to all these questions then you go online, search Vivitar Ultra Wide and Slim on eBay and get yourself one.

comes with warranty, instructions, and the plastic camera itself

That important last question asked basically determines when you'll be using this camera. This camera is plastic. No bells and whistles. Just pop in your 35mm film [yyep.. I still use film now and then], wind it up, and take pictures outside since there's only one setting on this camera: shutter speed 1/125 with an aperture of f/11.

That basically means you can take good action shots with minimal blur and a large enough depth of field to make your subject sharp.. and because the opening of that aperature is probably this big--o--that means it got's to be fairly bright outside.

The lens view angle btw? A very nice 22mm to make sure you get mostly everything in the picture.

Instructions are included to help you along your way to snap pictures as soon as you can put the film in.. from there, pop this camera in your pocket and bring it with you when you're heading out!
Oh.. and why get this camera? Because of that low quality, low tech, plastic lens on the body.. you suprisingly get cool saturated pictures that can yes.. be replicated in photoshop.. but hey, when you pick this up from the photo developer, you already have that image in your hands and ready to share.

Here's a link to a Flckr photo pool since I've yet to take pics with it:

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