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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Photo Concept: "Tiffinized"

My friend wanted something to post on her wall and asked me if I would be able to do something. I've been lagging on my personal goals for this summer but I finally think August is going to be a mad rush before school starts to get this and about 3 other photo concepts done.

To start off, my friend, how should I put this, likes(?) renaming things in her computer under her name. For example: "Tiffocuments, Tiffusic... " etc. So what better way but to "Tiffinized" the world outside her computer!

It will all start off with a Tiffinized Krylon spray paint.. with her favorite color pink.

The next image will be an image evenly divided by bold lines with various retailers/brands tiffinized..aka vandalized with that spray paint. Apple > Tiffapple; Target > Tiffarget; Lucky's > Tiffucky's hahah.
The final image of the three part series is her posing with the spray can with a fashion esque edge and possibly the wall behind her tagged with her name.


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