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Friday, September 26, 2008

Beginning Photography: Semester 2

It's Semester 2 for my class with Daly City's after school program I've entitled Beginning Photography.

Those two kids behind might look familiar... they were in my "first semester" earlier in the year and were real excited to take my class again to build upon their basic knowledge of photography [a total of 5 have returned and I'm real proud that these 5 students wanted to come back to my class]

Anywhoo, this is a photo of me taken by one of my students. I was demonstrating Rule of Thirds and I had each of them use my pocket digital camera to show me if they understood it. They were suppose to take a photo of the lens cap I was holding and frame it so it was in one of the thirds of the photo... but from the looks of this photo, I think this is from my new students since he/she placed it in the middle. haha

All good.. I'm in for this for fun and it's real great teaching a class of kids who are like sponges wanting to absorb the material but more importantly wanting to go out and take photos!

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