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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Nonage: $300 Donated!!!! (Sept 5 2008)

My goal was to donate the funds that were raised from every book sale of Nonage to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital at the end of summer... while I did send it a bit later than I wanted to (I already started school and that means it's already the end of summer!), I finally managed to prepare the package that I sent to them before this weekend.

Started at the end of 2006, participants photographed in 2007, and stories edited and finalized by beginning of 2008, the final product finally reaches the hospital that inspired this project.

In the package is a DVD of the digital copy of Nonage as a .PDF format. The disc is customized using LightScribe to engrave the title.

I wrote on the DVD case "Feel free to share this with others! - JC" I would love for all the staff, patients, and even families to read and look at this book. Who knows, it could circulate in the internet. Ok maybe not.

My one page letter to St. Jude introducing who I am, the meaning of this project not just to me but to others who have participated, and the reason for me donating.

I note the amount that is donated and sign off.

I also included a copy of the Nonage (that will soon be covered with fingerprints all over... I still am careful with my copy.. the book's a fingerprint magnet!)

"9/5/08 Dedicated to St. Jude's wonderful staff and patients. God bless always!"

The final amount enclosed is $300 to St. Jude's. The actual amount of books sold is 52, raising $265 dollars. My mom, feeling generous, decided to round it to $300 to make it even.

So once again, this being the conclusion of my project Nonage, I would like to thank everyone who participated--giving their time to take their photo in their rooms and writing a short story--to make this project a reality. Not only did we make something together that will be remembered but something that I hope St. Jude will remember as well.

God bless.

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Catherine said...

CONGRATS, JAYJ!!!!! All of us are proud of you. :)