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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Bathing Iso

So after adopting my pet cat I named Iso, my mom has said she wants to give him a bath at least once a month. I for one think that cats clean themselves and am always sure that they are finicky when it comes to water. But Iso is strangely different--he likes water from the tap and actually doesn't mind my mom giving him a bath with warm water and soap.

Here's my mom's workstation. She says she doesn't put soap on his head since it might go to his eyes--good call.

Iso all wrapped up and most likely feeling a chill after the bath and stepping out of it.

On low setting, my mom blow dries him off for a couple of minutes [cats' coats absorb ALOT of water.. so I helped by towelling him off as well].

After a few whines here and there, he stuck with it and my mom gave him some treats as a reward.

It is pretty cool though he tolerates water pretty well. Plus, he's fresh and clean. Nothing wrong with that.

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