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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Guitar Hero World Tour (Wii) vs. $100 Best Buy Gift Card

On October 20, I went to Best Buy to reserve a copy of Guitar Hero World Tour for the Wii since my friends pooled up money and issued a check to me for my birthday. So simple as that I go in and reserve a copy by depositing $5 that will be used towards the purchase of the game.

Come October October 26, the release of the game [odd that it was out on a Sunday since games/movies/music come out on Tuesdays]. Anyways, I go in and present my receipt that I reserved it and they [customer service] tells me that they don't have the complete set for me. I see clearly there are 2 complete games in the side but the employee tells me they are online orders and that they are "different."

"So uhm, where's my copy? I reserved it, yea?"
"Well, we have limited quantities," she says.
"Ok, but doesn't it mean that when you 'reserve' it, you're like guaranteed to get it right?"
"Yea, sorry... we just had limited quantities. And it was a first come first serve basis too."
"?? That doesn't make sense.. 'first come first serve'? I reserved it.. so there should be one despite a 'first come first serve' basis, right? Well, that's fine, can't do anything about it. I'll check in next time."
"Yea, sorry."

And now today, I go in by 10:20am and again Best Buy tells me they don't have a copy for me when there is one [and the only one as of this moment] off to the side of customer service but again it's for an online order.

"Look, I don't want to be such a beezy about this situation. I mean: it's a video game, ya know? And I don't want you to be hearing all this from me, so if there's a manager available I'll gladly to talk to him or her."

I said this to this young petite Filipina who told me all she can do is get my info and contact me.

Here comes the manager and asks me what's wrong.

"Well, I was told there'll be new copies in today when I checked in on Sunday for the game. And there's no game here. I do see there's a copy there and so how about I get that game and when your new shipment comes in, you can give the new order to that customer. I was told yall go by a first come first serve basis: I'm here for the order and that customer isn't."

He checks in with other employees asking when the next shipment is coming and in the end none know when it'll come.

"Ok Boss, you have a choice here. You can either walk out today with that person's copy of the game or I can give you a $100 gift card for your inconvenience."

"Hmm.. it's like Deal or No Deal," I chuckle but he doesn't.

"I'll take the gift card."

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