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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Unboxing: MACBOOK PRO 2008

Photos by Apol Perea

I ordered the Macbook Pro through Amazon on Friday and got it yesterday. So my friend Apol suggested to document the opening and so we did.

I've been using my Gateway tablet for a good 2.5 years and it's definitely struggling with today's applications and my needs when editing... so I thought it would be a good investment to get a new laptop [my new credit card with 0% APR til 2011 helped too] and why not go all the way and get a mac.

So now I "sold out" according to a graphic artist friend who uses Windows.. but damn I look good now selling out. hahah
It's so cool that laptop itself is cold.. lovely laptop crafted from a block of aluminum.

"I have to get your reflection." - Apol

I've yet to get used to mac's operating system but soon and very soon I shall.. especially when I get it outfitted with my photography programs. From there, I'll make the switch as my primary computer. Yee!


den said...

what a dork!

JJ Casas | jC Photography said...

YOU MUST SWITCH YOURSELF! lol I'm still currently getting all the apps I need to run Mac more often but for now, my current laptop will be my school laptop/desktop.