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Tuesday, December 9, 2008 LIVE & Under Construction

My personal logo for my custom design pieces. is LIVE!

and well.. under construction for now.

What is *
Well, I decided to separate my design work (specifically custom card designs, fliers, business cards, etc) from my photography blog/work.  This way, I can focus on photography related material and posts on and post more personal entries on including all my design work. is also slated to be my main site/portfolio and will plan on making a splash page asking the visitors which site they will like to enter-- jjasef or jC Photography

2009 is going to be a good year as I have several things lined up including a new book project,, and officially the new line of custom cards designed by me with its signature brand look. More info on that later.

Plus, being on a break from school for almost a month, I plan on definitely making the most out of this break with as much design projects I can. 

Preparing to start fresh!

If is not working, is still working things out. Please click here to view current blog under construction

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