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Friday, January 23, 2009

MUA: Karen [Test]

Today, I met my friend's friend who happens to be working on being a skilled make up artist [MUA]. I had her sign my usual release form. People should read the fine print more often because I end up making hundreds using these images..... jk jk
All black and white photos taken by friend Apol who knew this MUA
I look fat. And a bum too. Haven't shaved for awhile.
The last session poses before calling it a day. Now on to the edited images. The favs are posted and these were taken in her room with a simple white background. Luckily, her room had a big sliding door which allowed all the light as needed.

CLICK TO ENLARGE by the way.
Make up was subtle and definitely a clean look.
"Give me a smirk... mm.. not a big smile.. just a smirk" I said.
I feel like dropping a photo of some makeup on the right side and put there "Maybe it's Maybelline"

This is my favorite photo out of her headshots.

Good session indeed. As you can see from the B&Ws, we had a short session outside but I felt these are far better especially when showcasing her own work.

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