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Friday, March 6, 2009

Academy of Sciences x NightLife

A definite much if you're in the city and looking for something else to do besides going to a club. Welcome to club NightLife at Academy of Sciences in Golden Gate Park.

Every Thursdays AoS holds this event that has drinks, music, and free roam [albeit with closed exhibitions like the planetarium and rain forest] for a $10 cover [$8 if you're a member like me!]

My girlfriend.
The closed and guarded rain forest.

Touching a starfish. Buzzed.
The men.
The ladies.
"We are all Africans."
Cher, myself, Ghia, and Apol. [shoutout to Ghia and Apol via Twitter @ghiagarcia and @apolperea] Yes, Apol and I were twittering live from the event.

Group pic. Afterwards, I call Ming of LimeTree restaurant and have him hold the restaurant before it closes. I've been there several times and have brought friends there so I can surely call him a friend of mine. Be sure to visit him and his real good place [check it on Yelp]. Either the roasted chicken or beef rendeng. And add that Roti and Corn Fritters. Delish.

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