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Monday, March 16, 2009

Moleskine Planner 2009 x John Lennon Edition

Ok. So maybe it's not the official John Lennon Moleskine edition but I'm making my move of relying heavily on my phone's Palm calendar to analog. As usual, I brand my Moleskines with a silver Sharpie with an illustration in front and a related quote on the back.

This time around, I was looking for a quote on life and stumbled upon this quote and I had to draw an accompanying image of John Lennon. I forgot to remove the strap so sorry about that!
The quote I found via

I've already filled out my schedules for the upcoming days and cool thing is that I add the weather on the bottom of the pages [after looking at extended forecast via online]. Once again, go get a Moleskine already.

Be cool.

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