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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Apple's Mighty Mouse [Wireless] = Workstation Complete

Got a gift card [ok, more like Best Buy's Reward Zone certificate] and headed there to pick up something worth its money. I've been eyeing this for a bit and came across into a lot of mixed reviews. Taking the risk, I decided to get it and I'll give my reasons below.

As usual, Apple's design packaging is simplistic and clean. But that's not why I got this. For starters, I do have the Macbook Pro which I use as my main computer. That being said, it's become a desktop replacement for me and to use its trackpad for long periods of time, it gets cumbersome and strains my hand.

I do have the Logitech's Cordless Trackman Optical, their top of the line trackball which I love for its customizable buttons. While I've used it for my Windows laptop, I was able to configure the buttons for Mac but I was left with NO usb ports on my Macbook Pro.

Apple's Mighty Mouse uses bluetooth to connect to the laptop. I don't know its battery life but I'm hoping I get a few good months of it like my trackball. Pictured here is the bottom of the mouse in which it's turned off--you slide that cover to reveal its sensor and a green light indicates its power mode.

While it doesn't seem it offers much with no indications of buttons, you click with your left index finger as you would for left-click and right side for right-click. A cool feature is the trackball since it's capable of scrolling "360 degrees." While a lot of screens nowadays accomdate websites' designs and all, this will be useful when scrolling through an image when zoomed. I don't think there are other mice out there that offer that control.

Here's the downside: the Mighty Mouse is infamous for this trackball to get messed up. People claim it loses its functionality after a 1 month or 2 and that it becomes "gritty" and such. Let's just hope it works out fine. I'm sure regular cleaning will help prevent that and if it doesn't work in general, I bought a SquareTrade Warranty for $7.99 for 3 years.

For the Macbook Pro, I love how you can access your desktop by swiping four fingers forward or if you'd like to see all you windows laid out, four fingers down. Pictured here are the side buttons and when I do press it, all the open windows/applications get laid out and when I press the trackball, I can access the desktop. Programming it is a cinch using System Preferences > Keyboard and Mouse after pairing my laptop with it.

My external [wired] keyboard next to the Mighty Mouse.
I also wanted to get a really good [bluetooth] mouse so I can finally set up my "work station" aka my kitchen table. Pictured here is my Macbook Pro with Editor's Keys for Photoshop on top of my Logitech Alto Cordless stand which was used for my Windows laptop. Next to it is my Seagate FreeAgent Desk 1tb for Mac used inconjuction with Time Machine. Upfront is my external wired Mac keyboard and finally the new mouse.

With this set up, with my laptop propped up, I can hook up my external screen and it will be close to height of the external monitor ideal for photo editing. With the extra space, I can comfortably work with my tablet as well.

Let's just see if the mouse holds up.


den said...

you've complete converted to Apple. This guy!

JJ Casas ( said...

theyre products simply work! and they work aesthetics into their products. also, because it's [apple] not such a big market, all of its peripherals/accessories don't compete each other and so finding a good product is nothing like finding a needle in a haystack.

functionality wise.. i'm still getting used to it and the keyboard shortcuts and combos are still boggling to me tho lol