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Friday, April 17, 2009

Throwback: JEAN Productions

First off, I'm posting this entry through posterous in which you just email and it automatically makes a blog for you.  It's 1) easy to make blog entries since you just simply email pictures, links, text to an email address and 2) integrates it quite well to many other online services [I automatically link mine to my twitter and photography blog now]

I'm going through my external hard drive and came upon this collage I did for a "company" I started in 2003 called JEAN Productions.  It was basically a media group [mainly photography and video] that covered teen club events] and eventually died off at the end of my high school years when me and the two other main members moved on.

Looking back to it, this thing that I started became the grounds of who I am [and I'm sure the other two members can attest to it as well].  So this is for you JEAN!

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