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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Family's Reponse to Manny's Knockout

All the family cheering for Manny. Who said television doesn't bring the family together anymore?

I wanted to get a pic within the celebration. My girlfriend is still caught up on results on TV.

Last Pacqiao fight, I won the round lottery pool of $60. My cousin organized it in which everyone drops $5 and picks randomly from a hat a piece of paper with the round written on it. If the fight ends on that round, you automatically win--no matter which fighter wins. This time around though, my girlfriend won the pool.

Who would've thought though: Knockout 2nd Round with 2:59 on the clock.

Had a bunch of family at cousin's house to watch Manny Pacqiao's fight against Ricky Hatton and we were all going nuts because we [like other people] were expecting a long hard fight between the two. The video explains it all.

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