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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Concept: DJ Zita "DJ HD"

These series of conceptual drawings are for DJ Zita as we've been trying to work on a concept over the summer and hopefully will execute it at the end of this summer.

The photoshoot I have in mind is inspired by the high end fashion ads/photos in magazines that I subscribe to [Interview, Vanity Fair, Elle, to name some..] and hopefully I will be able to work together with other creatives on executing the makeup, hair, and ward robe.

I envision this photoshoot to be an interpretation of a female DJ set in fashion. Currently this project is entitled "DJ HD"--high definition--for every part of these images will be of great detail.

After seeing an ad for perfume [I believe], it was a simple head-on shot of a model with her hand over her head. For DJ Zita, the twist is to implement DJ elements and for this case I see a vinyl being used.

This one is the one I'm already envisioning to be a real good photo. It will be a profile shot of DJ Zita and covering her eyes is her pair of headphones.

Plays in with the whole "seeing the music" aspect of DJ-ing.

Inspired by ads that showcase beautiful models and handbags, this will simply be her holding her headphones.

I have a lot of ideas for this, involving the turntables, speakers, and even cassette tapes! haha

In short, I definitely want to answer "What if DJing was implemented in fashion?"

All images were concetualized and drawn by JJ Casas.

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