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Thursday, August 6, 2009

DVD Booklet/Cover: Steph Fernandez [Cotillion]

I added a pic to my twitter showing what I was working on and had two mentions from friends regarding it. I figured I'd make a post to show what I include in the events I do--a custom DVD booklet containing several images from their event [all edited and all] to show a brief summary of the event in about 7-8 images.

All is hand made--printed, trimmed, and secured by twine.

Spread 1
Spread 2
Spread 3: My favorite part of the booklet--a "mini-panorama" using one pic across two pages.

Backside: The "party" shot.

The DVD is imprinted with an image of the celebrant.

The DVD and booklet are enclosed with a personal letter printed on grid paper [matching the busines card].

I give my thank yous and sign off.

Thanks to those [Twitter] mentions that made me want to show the final product! =D


kathy lee said...

wowowow. that is so nice. i love your style it's so clean and fresh. if i see you soon, i would love to have one of your business cards!!

JJ Casas ( said...

thaanks kathy! and for sure i'll hook it up with a card next time i see ya!