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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Photoshoot: The Release at Washington and Montgomery, San Francisco [08/16/09]

All BTS [Behind the Scenes] Photos by: Cherrymae Jumoc

Rise and shine! Shoot was planned for 10:30am so that meant waking by 8:30am on the Sunday morning, loading the car with my equipment, getting my girlfriend by 9:50am and then the worst part: finding parking at Washington and Montgomery.

When the band arrived [3 of 4 by the way are from my high school graduating class so it was a mini reunion since I haven't seen them since graduation], I briefly explain how we're going to shoot this.
It's been awhile since I used my tripod but for this shoot, needed it just in case since I was taking double exposures of the same scene to do HDR photos. [Look it up ala Google].

So throughout the shoot, I'd shout "1! 2! 3!... HOLD!" I'd change the aperture to f/18-22 to expose the sky and then shout "OK! NEW POSE!"

Then I later realized I was shooting RAW so in post production I could've just manipulated the file to expose the sky properly. =/

Set up: Cam + Tripod, Sun, 1 Light with standard 7" reflector powered by batter pack. This also means looking out on both sides of the streets and having our other classmate Sean scream out "CAR!!" in which we'd scramble off to the sidewalk.


Another shot of the set up. We were also attention grabbers too as cars would pass and rubberneck.

Giving instruction on how to pose Ross [not pictured].

Afterwards my girlfriend and I went to Kitaro's at Geary Blvd. for some sushi for lunch. Day completed.

Now on to the edited shots + preview BTS video.
Band shot: The Release.

Another angle.

Remember that BTS shot of me giving instruction to Ross?


The individual shots: Brian Coe - Vocals/Guitar

Drums: Louie Sehgal

Guitar: Ross Walker

[Fun Fact on Ross and I: We did high jump together freshman year Track and Field at St. Ignatius. Yes our height difference is huge but hey now, I could jump...]

Bass: Danny Herrera

The usual last shot after the main shoot is done: The group shot.

Just want to say thanks to The Release for this shoot [good to see you all for real!] Also thanks to Sean Faulkner [another classmate of ours] who helped shout out if cars were coming and for being my stand-in. And last but not least, to my girlfriend Cher for accompanying me to this shoot on a Sunday [but beautiful] morning in SF, help set up, and shoot BTS still and video.

Please visit their MySpace page, enjoy their music and come through their show if you can!

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