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Thursday, October 29, 2009

ADLs: M Jackson (from Interview, September 2009)

"M Jackson" (Interview, September 2009)

Just finally read my September issue of Interview and finally was able to read the [re]published interviews of Michael Jackson with Andy Warhol and Bob Colacello (in 1982) and with Pharrell Williams (in 2004). Here are a few excerpts in which I loved.

Bob Colacello: What's your typical day like?
Michael Jackson: Daydreaming most of the day. I get up early and get ready for whatever I've got to do, songwriting or whatever it is. Planning the future and stuff.

Andy Warhol: Did you ever think you'd grow up to be a singer?
Michael Jackson: I don't ever remember not singing, so I never dreamed of singing.


Pharrell Williams: What you do is amazing. When you are 100 years old, and they're still making up things about what you've done to this and what you've done to that on your body--please believe me, if you decided you wanted to dip your whole body in chrome, you are so amazing that the world, no matter what they say, is going to be right there to see it. And that is because of what you have achieved in the music world, and in changing people's lives. People are having children to your songs. You've affected the world.

Michael Jackson: Thank you very much. It's like the bigger the star, the bigger the target. You know when you're--and I'm not being a braggadocio or anything like that--but you know when you're on top when they start throwing arrows at you. Even Jesus was crucified. People who bring light to the world, from Mahatma Gandhi to Martin Luther King to Jesus Christ, even myself. And my motto has been Heal the World, We are the World, Earth Song, Save Our Children, Help Our Planet. And people want to persecute me for it, but it never hurts, because the fan base becomes stronger. And the more you hit something hard, the more hardened it becomes--the stronger it becomes. And that's what's happened: I'm resilient. I have rhinoceros skin. Nothing can hurt me. Nothing.

Go and buy the September issue of my favorite magazine Interview.

The blog roll "ADLs" is a series of images of my "Activities of Daily Living". Yes, that's a nursing term so it's fitting for where I am now--nursing student about to graduate with a passion for photography. A new post is expected to be up everyday.

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