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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Book Signing: Scott Schuman aka The Sartorialist @ Paul Smith [Oct. 21]

This is probably the longest I've waited in line to get a book signed--3.5 hours!!! While I can't believe I waited from 7:15pm until 11:30pm, to finally meet Scott Schuman was quite worth it since I see his blog almost everyday. I just didn't know he'd be so popular here. And I knew I was in the right line when all the people lining up looked as if they were from the blog pages of The Sartorialist! Hipsters left and right but hey, everyone wants to dress to impress.

Paul Smith in SF (50 Geary St.). I waited in line around the corner on Kearny and stayed around the blog for almost 2 hours!

Being so close yet so damn far!

Finally seeing the inside of the store: Great! Seeing that there's still a line all the way back to the store: not so great.

I've personally haven't heard much of Paul Smith [=/ Don't bash on me!] but wow, the items in this store are flying off my money to spend scale.

There were cuff links for guys at $150. Toothbrushes for $12 (yes designer toothbrushes). Jeans for $350. Etc!

My copy of The Sartorialist purchased at--you guessed

And finally here I am with Scott Schuman who kindly shook my hand while taking the picture.

Everytime I go to a book signing, there's a pocket of time to ask a question or spark a short conversation while the author signs my copy. My question for The Sartorialist: "Will you ever shoot around here in San Francisco?" He kindly responded "I would love to! I just need to make time!"

For his widely popular blog, visit it at

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Great shots! Wished was there...


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