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Monday, November 30, 2009

Thinking of Purchasing an E-Book Reader?

I showed my mom the Amazon Kindle 2 and was telling her all the cool features--wireless download capabilities, keyboard, e-ink display--and then she asks, "Wait, you still have to buy the books after paying $260?"

"Well yea it's the latest electronic device," I reply.
"So then where are the books?" she asks.
"They're stored in the device," I patiently explain.
"But after that, then what? You don't even have them. You can't sell it or give them away. Then what," after this she simply walks away uninterested.

Point taken. Despite a gadget freak and always looking for the latest and greatest, my collection of completed book I've read will remain as well the many more waiting for me to read through. [I'm looking at you--my latest purchase of Seth Godin's limited edition wooden boxed set. Read Seth's blog entry here for more details on that].

This commercial by The Sun newspaper is downright awesome.

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