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Monday, January 18, 2010

Music Album: J-Ricz's Sophomore Album MusicPhiliac - YOU VOTE FOR THE COVER!

My friend and musician J-Ricz is letting his fans vote for the cover of his sophomore album MusicPhiliac. I've had the pleasure of shooting his first album Genesis [you can see his pics on my website under Music] and seeing him grow musically since then has been awesome [yes, that meant I got to listen to a few tracks unreleased =P]

Plus, you get the chance to win an autographed album of MusicPhiliac when it's slated to be released in August 2010. Voting is free and the chance to win is free so why not?

We had a photoshoot in October 2009 and I was finally able to narrow down the pictures and process them for possible covers. Yes, I took a bit too long... haha

Below are 3 close up pics of the mock up covers I did for him. Make sure to vote [which takes like 1 minute] and follow the directions on the link after pics below to win an autographed copy!

Cover 01

Cover 02

Cover 03

Now vote for the best cover!


For more information on J-Ricz and his music take a visit to his website here.

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