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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Year's Resolutions

Well like every New Year, we all ponder what goals and resolutions we should make. This time around, I am very determined to stick with it [yea, that even means the usual "Lose Weight"!]

Here are my goals/resolutions for the New Year and how I'm breaking it down:

1. Health
- Giving up fast food joints except for In-N-Out especially after watching Food, Inc. and reading Fast Food Nation
- Turning to Trader Joe's as my main groceries and to support organics and products that are in season; will also use The I Love Trader Joe's Cookbook as my sidekick
- Exercising everyday. Either doing P90x, running, or biking. I joined the family weight loss bet and I will at least lose 20 pounds this year. [Currently weighing in at 152 lbs]

2. Environment
- Going Green by turning paperless [at least nearly]. I will declutter by scanning all my documents using my Epson Workforce 600 and NeatReceipts software
- Make use of my bike more for groceries and short errands to save on gas
- Continue to use my Nalgene Water Bottle and Brita Filtration System.
- Buy books for my Kindle to save paper and shipping costs [plus it's cheaper than buying the physical book!]

3. Expenses
- I tend to shop [online] a lot and so I will ask myself three questions:
- Will this product help me be more productive?
- Can I use it over and over?
- Will it be memorable?
- My two investments I've found that are worth it and fit the first two criteria are books and quality clothing. The last would fit memory making situations such as spending for a trip, or buying something either for myself or another person that will making a lasting memory i.e. quality cards, once-in-awhile lavish gifts, etc.

4. Relationships
- Continue to improve on relationships [girlfriend, family, friends] by having "one-on-one" time: Spending time with a person and having talks face-to-face either over food or simple conversation.
- Keeping in touch with friends from high school/college via email or Facebook
- My favorite: when I'm driving and have no one to talk to, I play [what I've invented] Phonebook Roulette: you simply choose a random person on your phonebook and call no matter what to say hi. On the iPhone is easy since it's a flick of a finger and stopping the scrolling with the same finger. When's the last time someone called you out of the blue or vice versa?

5. Growth
Being passionate for photography I will continue to learn and be inspired everyday by looking at photographer's work. I will also continue work on my skills and reach out to various people to collaborate and grow my portfolio.

As a nursing graduate, I will study for the NCLEX boards so I can pass and a get a job!

One question to ask yourself everyday is, "Was I better today than yesterday?"

I'm sure there are more things I'd like to tackle, but so far health, being green, saving money and growing as a person, artist, and nurse are my main goals.

What's yours?


Angelo D. Ignacio said...

awesome reflections! happy new year to you and yours. keep up all the interesting work!

JJ Casas ( said...

Thanks Angelo for the stopby! I wish you and your fam a New Year's as well! Keep in touch!