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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

ADLs: Solitude

Taken on February 09, 2010

I went to Green Apple Books in San Francisco and I just love this place. You go in there without even knowing what you want and surely you'll come out with a great book and price to go along with it. I usually stay on the main floor but my girlfriend and I ventured upstairs which I don't recall visiting. Ever.

In one of the rooms upstairs I stumbled upon this lone student's chair surrounded by ceiling high bookshelves and just thought what a place to read.

My haul for the evening was two Frida Kahlo books (my favorite non photographer artist)--Frida Kahlo (Emma Dexter and Tanya Barson) and Frida Kahlo: The Still Lifes (Solomon Grimberg). If I were to buy these on Amazon it would've cost me $70+. I only paid $17.68 =)

On the side note, I realized I haven't posted anything under the ADL's label series [to be exact, since November 28, 2009] and will definitely continue to do so.

The blog roll "ADLs" is a series of images of my "Activities of Daily Living". Yes, that's a nursing term so it's fitting for where I am now--nursing student about to graduate with a passion for photography. A new post is expected to be up everyday.

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