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Friday, February 19, 2010

Moleskine x Adobe Photoshop Weekly Planner 2010...WIN ONE!

Totally unexpected: Adobe Photoshop's 20th Anniversary event in San Francisco's Palace of Fine Arts not only gave out the planned t-shirt and poster, but also this cool Moleskine weekly planner 2010 with the branded logo of Photoshop.

As a big fan of Moleskine notebooks writing and using one everyday, I was definitely all giddy to see this there on the table waiting for me. FOR FREE.

A close up of the embossed logo of Photoshop on Moleskine's weekly planner. And the cooler part? The guy gave me TWO. Surely these are limited and to think of it do I need two of these?

Hm, should I raffle one out to the readers? YES!

There are two ways you can win [in the U.S. only]:

1. Comment below and give me enough reason to send you one. Tell me why you want it and/or how you will use it despite in today's digital world.


2. Tweet the following message: I want that limited Moleskine x Photoshop weekly planner from @jjasef !

Entries will close at 4:00pm Pacific Time on Wednesday February 24, 2010
Raffle Rules:
- 1 entry only [either comment or tweet]
- Open to U.S. only
- Winner will be announced both on blog and twitter so stay tuned and good luck!


tim said...

I am a technical communications professional who uses adobe products daily for my work. I'm a gearhead who always wants the latest version of every product and I'm constantly seeking the new new thing. Nonetheless, somethings must never change, including using Moleskine products for note taking and calendaring. Everyday I sit down with my moleskine planner and note book, review what I need to do, and make out my to do list. For every meeting, I take my notebook with me and keep careful notes. Why not use a computer? The act of writing forces me to think! and having my notes in one place, rather than scattered all over my computer, helps me reconstruct my thought and decision making processes far more than any typed notes can do. I can go back to a page from six months ago and reconstruct a meeting very effectively. But moleskine stands apart because of the quality of its paper. I still use a fountain pen and the paper is a pleasure for writing and the fountain pen does not bleed through. Sometimes the most sophisticated way to get things done is the rely on the tried and true, in this case a moleskine note book.

Anonymous said...

I am a Moleskine addicted and a big Photoshop fan! I made a Photoshop course and guess what? I wrote all y notes on Moleskine! :D

Leonardo said...

Well, first, as I am an insane person and LOVE Moleskines!!! I can prove that, have a look what I did when I was in INDIA in 2008:

I got ALL Moleskines from a store, they were on sale. That means, the Adobe Moleskine will find a home full of love, full of love for Moleskines and full of Moleskines!!! I will take good care and will be so happy that I will publish about this everywhere!


And last, I guess I am the first to be here!! That means something, no ??

Super thanks and best regards!!


PS. Dont need to tell I am a HUGE Photoshop and Adobe fan / user since Photoshop 1.0, do I ??? :-)

Leonardo said...

Ops, I guess while I was editing my message...... other were faster! So, I am not the first to publish but when I hit this page there were NO comments yet! :-)



Bob said...

YOu should give me one (photoshop model) as its the only thing of Photoshop I can afford! :) I need to simplify and use paper rather than digital.

Matthew said...

I'm a former journalist (and used Adobe Photoshop all the time) and currently teach. I'm constantly writing things down in my Moleskines -- notes from work, ideas, lists, plans for the future, everything. I love them. I would certainly love (and could always use) another one! I'm "empty" without my Moleskine.

D said...

I use paper for several reasons: time and time again digital technology has let me down. Writing and drawing helps reduce my chronic anxiety and Moleskines are the finest notebooks around.

Mark said...

Moleskines are good. Despite my digital tether, I practice slow words and slow art, and have filled numerous moleskines with writing and drawings. I'm nearly at the end of my latest, so please send me one. Thanks.

Simon Vanderveen said...

I have no reason, I just need to get my life together.

Aanoi said...

I'm a Graphic & Interactive Communication student at Ringling School of Art & Design. I've grown up on Photoshop and it is the only thing i know and i truely love! Often in class, assignments call for Illustrator and InDesign for books and vectors, but i say bleh to them! I complete most if not all my projects in Photoshop in half the time! Having a Photoshop Moleskine will inspire me THAT much more! I'm a freelance designer currently, creating experimental typography and working on music events and gig :]

check my work! :D

Para Ficar Bem said...

I don´t have a reason, i use Moleskine to draw and write,since my 15 years old, it´s a passion...i just love the paper...the feeling.
Even in my workplace, to take little notes, i know how to use the digital technology i but i don´t like it it´s not the same.
That´s why!

Maria said...

I love
The touch of leather on the cover
The soft yellow paper inside
Where ink will find it's place
In english tasks
In spanish groceries
In portuguese urgency
In french love
Fun stickers and little doodles will be weekly guests.
And after a year there will be no doubt.
I loved my Moleskine everyday.

Gale said...

I use three Moleskine. One is for a daily journal, one is to record my coffee roasting reports, and one for book reports on what I read daily on books on Biblical Doctrine. I also sketch in the moleskine for my coffee roasts.

Journal said...

My Moleskines are my organizational lifeline both in my professional and personal life. Have been recently diagnosed with ADHD, I was previously a 6'3" organizational nightmare. Learning new ways of dealing with projects and responsibilities all seemed to flounder after a few weeks until I fell into Moleskine planners. I'm not saying that it's all Moleskine, but between therapy and the little black and red books, I've been on track for over a year. I recently got a big promotion and a raise. In my evaluation my boss specifically mentioned my use of moleskines in preparing projects and presenting information. I tried scraps of paper, I tried PDAs. It seems that for every need, there's a either a moleskine or a moleskine hack that serves my purpose.

Mik said...

I tweeted, retweeted or whatever you call it !

Twitter: slightlymordant

Gina said...

I use moleskines for almost everything - my personal calendar that i take with me everywhere, a notepad for little sketches or stories that come into my mind, lists of books i want to buy (and read of course :-) and last but not least: i need it to manage my weekly safeway-shopping ... no moleskine, no food

oh, and i am graphic artist, which means i am ALSO a great fan of adobe photshop - what a coincidence!

isn't that an omen?

Dan Borufka said...

I use Moleskine, I use Photoshop. I love them both. Combing them would be... ecstasizing.


jo said...

Umm... you should give me one because I'm a nerd when it comes to calendars/planners and I'm a sucker for photoshop. *lol* :)

bogiesan said...

I really want it.
I do not want it.
I want limited edition mmolies.
No, I don't because, if they're legitimate collectors' items, they can't be used. Where's the fun in that?

I am an After Effects wonk (bogiesan @ Adobe's user forums)who enjoys layer- and object-based animation and who thoroughly loathes Photoshop's pixel-based paradigm.

I'm sure it will go to a good home but it will not be mine.

david boise ID

mary said...

i work with kids, and during an epic game of dodgeball last week, they managed to bounce a ball through the narrow doorway, off the cabinet and into a large pitcher off koolaid. This took out the planner i had, and it's remarkably hard for me to find a new one as it turns out.

i was raised by my grandfather who taught me to write everything in index cards, and that combined with the solid moleskine planner is glorious. i do all sorts of different work with the kids, and having a notebook to bring with me helps me think things out and more than that, has at least slightly less consequence from kool aid disasters...

Amanda said...

Why to share your good fortune with me? I stumbled through four years of multimedia to go to graduate school to be a librarian. Then thanks to my undergraduate, I've been blessed with a graduate assistantship which requires me to use the web design skills I was trying to avoid using professionally. Oui. So now I'm trying to keep tabs of my academic, personal, and work schedule on Google calendar but it's kinda hard to use when I'm away from the internet.

VaMami said...

As a scribbler I love the firm cover, good amount of pages, pocket, and elastic to keep it shut. Moleskine offer perfect function for my writing needs.for

Avelino Gómez said...

Because Yes!!!!

Debbie Harris said...

I should win the Moleskine because, as a middle-school tech coordinator and yearbook advisor, I spend HOURS each week inspiring and encouraging 6th, 7th and 8th graders to use Adobe products. Our entire yearbook is compiled in InDesign, with pages created in Photoshop (and, of course, sent to the printer as a pdf file). And, remember, people - this is with 6th, 7th and 8th graders!

FibreJunky said...

I'm a mom of 5, a graphic design student and a fledgling artist. I have deadlines coming out my ears and scraps of paper all over the place with various and sundry assignments, appointments and ideas. I need something to keep it all together.
I use Photoshop daily. My experience with Moleskines is currently limited to lusting after them.
Besides, I'm asking nicely. Please?

Road Chicken said...

Why not ? ^^

fearless said...

Despite the fact I am in Canada, I like a good challenge, so I thought I'll give it a shot. If the reason why you are offering in the US only is the postage. I will send you an International Reply Coupon to pay for the postage, If I win that is.
I have 6 Moleskine's on the go and I have been a log keeper, always pen and paper, and Moleskine since 2004 which is when I first discovered them. I actually made my own before discovering Moleskine notebooks. It is a classic and a collectors item. The pic is in My Moleskine album on facebook.

Mario said...

This is great!
Well, here are 2 brands that influenced my lifestyle. I've been using Adobe products for more than a decade and I just love Moleskines.
I work at Smuzi ( ) designing paper products and I deal with a lot of notebooks, stationery and accessories. For a notebook to call my attention it must be really really unique. And this Moleskine is one of a kind!

Ryan said...

I love Moleskines, but I never thought about using one as a planner before. I generally hate planners because the layouts are terrible. Right now I use a simple lined Moleskine to keep track of stuff, but I don't mark each page with a date or anything like that. Maybe this weekly planner Moleskine could help me fix my rampant disorganization, calendar-wise!

John said...

I am a digital geek, keeping appointments, to-do lists, and such on my PC and Smartphone. But, for many years I have quietly journaled - no, not daily, but when the mood strikes - in my large Moleskine ruled notebook. As I have accumulated filled notebooks, I find that looking back through them gives me much more insight into myself than any of my more transient digital records. I am also an active photograph/Photoshop artist (check out some of my work at and the thought of a Photoshop special edition Moleskine planner just makes me really excited. Obviously winning this one is the ONLY way I will ever get one, so please choose me!

Leslie T said...

I put my hands on my Moleskines each day, usually many times each day. I use my calendar and a "processing book"(blank journal). As a Buddhist chaplain in a large urban hospital, I see and hear stories from sick, dying, grieving, tearful, peaceful, angry, and every emotion ever known to the human condition - each day, each night, and all of the time inbetween. I use my Moleskine "processing book" as a means of honoring the individual. A few lines about the person whose family has never visited in their 2month stay. A paragrapgh about a young child diagnosed with a terminal illness.
I also use my Moleskine "processing book" to release this from my heart and mind into the infinite- to free space for the next moment.
Those are a few notes about my Moleskine "processing book."

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