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Thursday, March 4, 2010

jC Photography x Anna Lisa Matias: Behind the Scenes

Special Thanks to:

Karen Wan (Make Up Artist)
Jane Park (Stylist)
Gee Bantay (1st Assistant)
Markie Idea (2nd Assistant/BTS Shooter)

MotionScope Studies [video coming soon]

And of course, Anna Lisa herself!

Music: "On the Go" by D-Black

Pics coming soon...stay tuned!

For behind the scene stills, go to Gee's blog at

MotionScope Studies
co-founder [I'm the other co-founder] Ryan Brown too had some pictures up on his page. VIEW HERE

My bad if the quality sucks--used my pocket digital camera and forgot to bring my 720p movie capable one!



I didn't even press play and I hella started laughing because of the paused preview. LOOK AT ME. HAHAHA

JJ Casas ( said...

LOL. just noticed that. damn francis, what you doin hahaha

@BROWNDAY said...

sweet. i'm looking forward to our moded pic at PPQ.. LOL