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Thursday, March 4, 2010

New Logo: jC Photography

I had a friend, Adriel aka Drizzletron of Ill-Literacy and The Funky Pixel, redo my logo. Below is his explanation included when he designed me this logo:

Photographs possess the unique gift of not only capturing a moment, but immortalizing it -- often romanticizing it. This is not to say that it exaggerates reality. Rather, it highlights the perfections in every object, every life form, and every instance that is often invisible to the naked eye. All in all, it is man's closest physical interpretation of meditation.

So how does one create an image to represent a creator of images? First, I had to realize that the perfect photographer logo is one that does its job best by acting as a clean, non-intrusive, but still powerful accompanyment to the photos themselves. Essentially, I did what every good photographer knows to do when they need to expand their view -- I stepped back."

He continues with the explanation of the logo:

"When one person photographs another, they share a bond that has been long-lost in human interaction. Whether the culprit of the snap is a lover or stranger, for a brief instance your focus is on each other -- at times you gaze into other's eyes for seconds, even minutes on end. And although a camera may serve to masquerade what would otherwise be naked concentration on the other, what perhaps compensates for this is the final result, a permanent imprint of the moment. Taking "JJ," I simply flipped one on its head to face the other. Instant Reflection."


Love it and looking forward to branding all my materials with this brand new baby.