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Monday, March 22, 2010

Proof That Someone Is Listening [Literally]

This is proof that if you work hard and put your work out in public, someone is watching and in this case listening--literally. My boy from high school sent this email message to me, basically a forward email of his brother Del from music group Legaci. He was a member of an older group in which I was fortunate to work with him as well as the other former members in Los Angeles, CA when I photographed their photos for their EP album.

Here is the forwarded email:

To my friends and family,

I know I've been MIA for awhile now, but really I've just been trying to take my music career to the next level. I've been focusing 100% on pushing my band Legaci, and our main source of promotion has been Youtube. We've been posting consistent videos since November and just last week, one of our videos was noticed. We covered a song by Justin Bieber called "Baby", and it caught the attention of Justin Bieber's manager. He contacted us last week and the end result was us flying down to New York, where we sang backup for Justin Bieber at a Z100 radio show and an MTV Live Leak performance.

The "Baby" video that Justin's manager saw:
Our live performance with Justin Bieber and Sean Kingston:
MTV Live Leak preview:
Us practicing with Justin:

This week we'll be performing behind Justin again on several TV shows:

Monday (3/22):
The View (KGO 7, 10AM)

Tuesday (3/23):
The View (KGO 7, 10AM)
David Letterman (CBS, 11:30pm)

Saturday (3/27):
Kids Choice Awards (Nickelodeon, 8pm)

Thanks again for supporting me with my music. We're hoping this opportunity with Justin can help bring more exposure to Legaci. I'll be keeping you all updated with the tour as I get more information and performance dates.

Take care,

ps. I'm writing you from New York!

Can you believe that? They did a cover of his song, manager saw it, flew them out to New York and now the group Legaci is touring with Justin Bieber. Who knows, maybe some other music execs will then take notice and hear Legaci and work out some type of deal.

[Side Note: Justin too was discovered on YouTube by Usher when Justin did a cover of Usher]

Point is, work hard and work even harder to let others know of your talents. You never know if you'll catch a particular person's attention.

To Legaci: good luck and soak in the moment as you perform live on stage in front of millions! =)

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