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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Support My Friend's Short Film "The Traffic Gods"!

My friend and director Patricio Ginelsa of Kid Heroes Productions has been chosen as one of the finalists for Ford Fiesta Movement Challenge and is representing San Francisco!

Come out and support him by going to the screening of his short film "The Traffic Gods" on June 3 at San Francisco's Metreon. As an added bonus, if you come to the screening, you get to watch Iron Man 2! [I still haven't watched it.. so I'm definitely hitting two birds with one stone!]

Here's directions on how to watch this screening directly from Pat's newsletter:

The PREMIERE of THE TRAFFIC GODS will be on Thursday night, JUNE 3,
7pm at the Metreon Theatre (101 4th Street in San Francisco), followed
by a FREE private screening of IRON MAN 2. To attend this exclusive
premiere, you'll need to TEXT "SFFILM" to 44144. You'll receive a text/email
about your RSVP details a week before the premiere. Since seating is limited,
admission is First Come, First Serve. You can also visit:

Also, I am pleased to announce that one of our videographers of MotionScope Studies, Vinette, filmed the behind the scenes footage for Pat and the crew. Please do take a visit see a preview of Pat's short and hope to see you at Metreon on June 3rd!

Watch the preview right here!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

BTS Teaser: Custodio Family Portrait (Baker Beach, San Francisco: 05/16/10)

Photo by Nicole Velazco

First off, I've been totally behind my BTS blog posts since I've been editing so many senior portraits lately [on top of that I have a wedding to go through and when I'm back from vacation, I have a cotillion].

But I decided to take a break and post this real quick since I did just post a teaser [post below]. This is my cousin's family and that's my goddaughter Kaylee looking at me. This is one of the photos that I can't wait to go through and edit. I mean look at that! Probably the cutest thing ever especially when I didn't even call her. I probably took like 12 photos in about 4 seconds when she did looked at me here.

Anyways, back to editing!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Teaser: Custodio Family (Baker Beach, San Francisco: 05/16/10)

Click to expand

Teaser pic of my cousin's family portrait session at Baker Beach, San Francisco. I'm loving this picture already and there's plenty of more to go through!

Sizzling Hot Plate of BBQ Pork at Todam Tofu House

Pointless but that plate of dae ji bulgogi was sizzling and delicious =) Definitely had a good Saturday dinner with friends at San Bruno's Todam Tofu House.

Beginning Photography: Panning

During my last week's class I taught my kids of 3rd graders in my Beginning Photography class how to pan using the point and shoot cameras. One of my students was having a hard time completing the technique so I lend my hand and helped direct her partner to run across. Just thought this was hilarious on how she "ran" across. hahah

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Photoshoot: Carla Paulate [USF Senior; 05/08/10]

Here's Carla, a USF Nursing Senior graduating this month! I actually met Carla lonnng time ago when I was part of my friend's cotillion [18th Birthday Party] when I was a sophomore in high school. She was also my "rival" since we were both in our high school's dance/step team who performed in the big rivalry basketball game every year haha! So it's definitely been a long time since we've actually hung out.

We went around USF and chose some simple background in order to focus in on the graduate.

We then headed up the [dreaded] stairs of Lone Mountain.

We headed to the Study Room at Lone Mountain and I apologize to those who were studying at that time! I tried to work quietly but even if I whispered directions to Carla, I couldn't help the loud shutter and flash whirring haha. Pictured above though and below was putting the nice window light to good use.

This is when I got a view glances by then since I was now using my light set up. =P But can't argue with some of the great shots I got [above and below].

Before heading out, we used the lovely natural light flooding in the old halls of Lone Mountain.

Lastly, we headed outside right in front of main entrance of Lone Mountain and had Carla go in the shade to grab a few shots.

The last photo she chose for her edits and my favorite. Love how the railings in the back compliment her teal dress!

Thanks again Carla and hope you had as much fun as I did!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Photoshoot: Julie Ann [USF Senior; 05/11/10]

With the influx of USF seniors, thought it be good to mix it up by going someplace completely different... so here we are are Fort Point in San Francisco. Plus, Julie wanted something that reminded her of Hawaii since that is where she calls home.

Julie brought some props, notably a hat and the cool suspenders. I ended up giving a quick "demo" on how to wear the hat haha

Definitely loved the light that afternoon gave and did have help of the "light stick" I usually bring along--so thanks again Markie Idea who came along as my assistant.

We briefly went to an area that had a view of Golden Gate Bridge. In this shot, you can't see it but I had Markie hold my shoot-through umbrella to provide her some soft lighting. Photographers know that a nice sunny day is good in general but until you shoot directly under sun, problems are bound to come in the form of shadows!

This large brick building is practically under the Golden Gate Bridge's base. Plus, it had shade so it was good to use my light stick with that umbrella mentioned above to diffuse the light. Kudos to Julie by the way for being so involved and having Honors! I too was in the nursing program and yea... I was not involved nor had the grades... hahah So congrats again Julie!

We did find a place that had a more simpler background and it was the side of the rest stop at Fort Point.. hehe It definitely works though to provide a clean image!

A tip by the way to all graduates, do what Julie did: pin your hood and stoles so even in the windiest wind [like on this day], it'll be fine!

So after the cap and gown shots, it was time to have fun in another outfit. Props again to Julie since even though it was a nice day, it was windy like crazy!

I took a series of Julie walking across the parking lot and out of the dozen+ images that I shot, this shot is definitely a winner.

Thanks again Julie for the photoshoot and hope you had as much as I did! Congrats again on graduating and definitely wish you the best in your bright future!

Images by JJ Casas
Assisted by Markie Idea

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

If I ever get into video...

...I'm glad there's plenty of time until Sony releases this that's compatible with my Alpha lens collection. =) People ask me today, "What do you shoot with: Nikon or Canon?" I say "Sony" and receive raised eyebrows.

Now if I ever get my hands on this, I'll truly get some more "Interesting.." remarks.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Photoshoot: Resi [USF Senior]

To be fair, there's about 3 other USF seniors [and 4 more I'm taking this week!] I already photographed but am waiting for their proofs to be approved. Here's Resi, a nursing senior who is graduating with honors [niice!] The photo above is her "pick" in which she's getting her "starter kit" prints [1 8x10, 1 5x7, and 4 wallets] that's included in the photoshoot.

We decided to shoot in USF's newest building, Kalmonovitz Hall. Definitely had fun in the lobby while passerbys looking on wondering what exactly is happening [you gotta see behind the scene pics coming soon...]

I did do natural light too since the large windows in this building is really nice!

I say this is my favorite photo from the bunch and I don't even know what I said as she was laughing when I took this... maybe it's my direction I give as I'd say "Ok.. look here! OK, over here too!" haha

I remember going by the School of Business' lobby a couple of semesters ago and thought it be nice to go there since I've yet to shoot here.

Finally, we go to this stairwell that I'm sure no student goes to [or even allowed to?] As we were taking photos, some USF staff passed by too and had expressions of either "Um... oookay?" [confused faces] or "Congrats!" [smiley faces].

A close up of Resi and the light from this stairwell and day really made things work... glad to have shot in nice weather in the always-changing SF weather!

The last shot that Resi picked from her photo reel and I must say it will look great as a print! =)

There's still tons of pics for me to go through but I will say thanks to my friend Gee who assisted me on this shoot and actually went through the 1st run of all the photos to weed out the bad ones. Visit his blog for sure and take a look at his work! He's also a "faculty member" of the partnership company and I put up with my friend MotionScope Studies. Sorry, but I gotta plug it in! =D

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Kodak Playsport Image Test

[You can click each image for a larger view..]

Even though this Kodak Playsport is going to primarily be used for HD video, I wanted to see the images from its 5mp mode.

All images are treated through photoshop and even though it's completely automatic with no control at all, I actually kind of like this change of pace since during shoots I'm always tinkering in manual mode.

While it's shot in widescreen mode and there's no way to change it, it makes me look at scenes differently in "widescreen mode."

I am planning on using this camera more as I'll be using this for video shots during my trip to Hawaii in two weeks [woo hoo!] I can definitely get use to just simply plain video/photo recording.

One of my favorite shots [above] while snapping some random images in cousin's house.

This may be my "toy camera" ala Diana/Holga camera although all images are post processed individually in Photoshop.

Still, I can definitely get use to this style of snap shooting.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Birthdays: Darrylini and Laurenini

To my Darryl (4/22)...

and my Laurenini (4/28)...

Happy Birthday! [And the rest of the April babies: Matt, Maxine, Janelle, Jiro, Alyssa, Awny, and Eli]! =)

MotionScope: Late Night Dinner

So the deal was to go over "the office" and work on our individual work...

...we ended up in Shari's in South San Francisco by 11pm for late late dinner.

Francis contemplating on what to get.

Sherman too deciding on what to get.

Brittney and Ryan..Ok fine, we are all still deciding on what to get in this American restaurant.

We eventually settle with the basics--sampler, fries, and shakes.

A group photo taken by yours truly.