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Monday, May 10, 2010

Photoshoot: Resi [USF Senior]

To be fair, there's about 3 other USF seniors [and 4 more I'm taking this week!] I already photographed but am waiting for their proofs to be approved. Here's Resi, a nursing senior who is graduating with honors [niice!] The photo above is her "pick" in which she's getting her "starter kit" prints [1 8x10, 1 5x7, and 4 wallets] that's included in the photoshoot.

We decided to shoot in USF's newest building, Kalmonovitz Hall. Definitely had fun in the lobby while passerbys looking on wondering what exactly is happening [you gotta see behind the scene pics coming soon...]

I did do natural light too since the large windows in this building is really nice!

I say this is my favorite photo from the bunch and I don't even know what I said as she was laughing when I took this... maybe it's my direction I give as I'd say "Ok.. look here! OK, over here too!" haha

I remember going by the School of Business' lobby a couple of semesters ago and thought it be nice to go there since I've yet to shoot here.

Finally, we go to this stairwell that I'm sure no student goes to [or even allowed to?] As we were taking photos, some USF staff passed by too and had expressions of either "Um... oookay?" [confused faces] or "Congrats!" [smiley faces].

A close up of Resi and the light from this stairwell and day really made things work... glad to have shot in nice weather in the always-changing SF weather!

The last shot that Resi picked from her photo reel and I must say it will look great as a print! =)

There's still tons of pics for me to go through but I will say thanks to my friend Gee who assisted me on this shoot and actually went through the 1st run of all the photos to weed out the bad ones. Visit his blog for sure and take a look at his work! He's also a "faculty member" of the partnership company and I put up with my friend MotionScope Studies. Sorry, but I gotta plug it in! =D

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