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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

ADLs: Asleep

Taken on July 13, 2010; Camera: iPhone

Here's my cat ISO [yes, named after camera setting ISO] sleeping in the afternoon with me. I woke up and here he is situated right in my armpit. haha He also snores too which is funny [I admit, I snore too..] and I actually recorded it. Most of the time, he's very energetic and plays pretty rough sometimes--got the scars to prove it. But when I'm taking a nap or if he's attention hungry, he'll be nice at times.

The blog roll "ADLs" is a series of images of my "Activities of Daily Living". It is a nursing term to describe a patient's activities that s/he does in a daily basis. This is my feeble attempt to combine my trade nursing and passion photography together.

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