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Saturday, July 10, 2010

ADLs: Cheers

Taken on July 8, 2010

It was my dear friend Donna's 23rd birthday [pictured above]] and she wanted to just invite a few friends over at her house to have a simple wine and dessert evening. [Wine and Sprinkles cupcakes to be specific =) ]. She's been my friend since freshman year and it's definitely a blessing to still talk and see her to this day. The other friends she invited too were all part of close-knit group from high school so couldn't have been any better.

Cheers to you Donna and hope you enjoyed your birthday!

The blog roll "ADLs" is a series of images of my "Activities of Daily Living". It is a nursing term to describe a patient's activities that s/he does in a daily basis. This is my feeble attempt to combine my trade nursing and passion photography together.

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