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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Photoshoot: The Foreign Exchange [07/23/10]

On Friday, July 23, I got the honor of taking The Foreign Exchange official portraits while they were here in San Francisco for their 2 night performances at Yoshi's San Francisco. I mention "official" since I was able to get MotionScope Studies all access with The Foreign Exchange and I was the only one taking their portraits right before their performance on Friday.

The portraits posted below were all done less than 25 minutes for these 5 individuals of The Foreign Exchange: Phonte, Nicolay, YahZarah, Darien, and Zo!

Many thanks to Aimee for making this opportunity happen!

These images will be on the homepage of my photo + video development company MotionScope Studies.

A full post of the concert coverage and portrait images coming soon!