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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

E-Session: Louie and Bern (08/22/10) feat. MotionScope Studies

All photos taken by Nicole Velazco

Pictured left to right: Nicole (Assistant), Francis (Video), Ryan (Video), Bern and Louie, myself (Photographer), and cousin of Bern, Ian.

I'll first start off this post with a group picture of those present on this engagement session with my grammar school friend Bernadette and her soon to be hubby Louie. This was taken on School of Motion's glidetrack in which my assistant, Nicole, placed her Canon G10 on top of while we post in back of Coit Tower in San Francisco.

Here's Ryan and I waiting for Bern and Louie to arrive as we also make some final adjustments to our equipment.

During this shoot, we definitely hit two birds with one stone as in between locations, Ryan would interview the couple and answer a few questions about who they are and how they meet for example. Professional audio and video were taken so you can imagine how this scene looked like in such a public [and beautiful] spot.

While it may look like this as I'm photographing them...

It looked like this from afar haha

Francis and I battling it out to get "the shot."

Next spot was taken at a place where they actually met: Jefferson High School in Daly City. Glad that the gates were open despite it being a Sunday.

We took a few shots around the school and was glad that they chose a spot that had special meaning to them both.

While I showed them how they can possibly pose, I joked about the poster that hung right next to me haha

This was one of the last shots I took before calling it wrap. Francis [pictured at left] was taking some BTS video that he and Ryan will incorporate in the couple's love story video.

For old times sake, Bern and I took a photo and reminisced real quick on our years at Thomas R. Pollicita where I got to know Bern from 7th and 8th grade. Good times!

Thanks Bern and Louie! I'm so happy to take your photos and even more thrilled to be covering your big wedding day! =)

Stay tuned for some images.

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