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Thursday, June 12, 2008

BYOA: "Your Diaspora" Set Up

All photos by Cherrymae Jumoc
Here's the wall the organization alloted me.

My first [and largest] image up: a 16x20 print of the Philippine flag in the airport.

Various 5x7 and 4x7 prints.

"Mom's Departure" and "Mom's Arrival" posted. [Yea, I took off my button down--pushing down pins is tough work!]

All most done... placed my business card at the end. Still have to put the informational cards to give more info on the conceptual images as well as the Philippine pictures. I'll also have a couple of business cards on the floor as well as a sign-up sheet to give thanks who stopped by.

Where my head is at will be the informational cards. [You the shape? The triangle? Remind you of the Philippine flag? A lil bit?? Ehh.. I tried. Cherry and I made up the placement on the spot haha]

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