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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Film Trailer: Beautiful Losers

Came across this film when reading magazine Creativity. If anyone reading this is interested in advertising in print, web, and video, this magazine is definitely something you should check out. They just changed their print format from using staples to magazine-like binding which makes it far easier to read [Before, I always get it folded since the mailman had to squeeze it in the box].

Beautiful Losers, directed by Aaron Rose, is basically a documentary following artists in the East Coast of how their forms of art came to be without influence from the "mainstream" art. So this includes skateboarding, graffiti, sculptures, etc.

It's primarily screening in the East Coast but I think it's a definite watch for anyone interested in the culture. Hopefully, they bring it here sometime in the West.

Fore more info on the film, go to

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