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Friday, June 13, 2008

Happy Birthday to my Cher!

We ate at a Russian restaurant called Cinderella on Balboa and 5th I want to say?.. Somewhere there... anywhoo, I chose it for her birthday since we like to try something new. And our first impression was that it was pretty good.. maybe we'll come back there and get something else since I thought my plate could've been better. Eh!

But yea, my birthday present is what Cherry is holding above--a VHS tape.. yes, one of those things. It's a Disneyland vacation guide video from 2003 haha. But yea, I've been planning it along with my friend who is graduating from UCLA this weekend and I just broke the news to her today.
Disneyland here we come! Oh.. and there's my friend Ghia's graduation too.. but Disneyland yee!

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