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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Haven't hung out with the high school boys in awhile...

Originally shot by Eunice Bengco

But for about two days, got to see two of the six "SI Boys." Here I'm pictured along with Joey and Darryl at Naan 'n Curry in Irving [San Francisco]. Glad to get some good grub while catching up on times.

And afterwards, we ended up talking at Starbucks for a good solid 1.5 hours[?], debating with Joey, and talking more again in the car. Glad to know when friends are back, things seem to fall into its place automatically as if it was high school again.

Oh, and the other night, I was with them but also with some other high school friends watching YouTube videos throughout the night. I'm not a good follower of YouTube but there are really some good funny stuff out there.

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