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Friday, June 20, 2008

New Book: "Beginning Photography"

So after the 6 weeks I've been teaching photography to kids in the after school program, I just finished the 32-page book that showcases the 6 students of the class. I've sent the proof to my boss and will be waiting for her approval so I can send it out for print. All in all, I was impressed with what the students came up with using both digital and disposable 35mm cameras.
I gave the students the chance to edit one image which would be their favorite. I used a photo editing program and I noticed right away that kids love bright super saturated colors. I had them edit their own photo by telling them "Tell me when to stop" as I move the adjustment sliders up/down to make the photos brighter/darker/more contrast/more saturated, and darkened corners. Most if not all, chose to make theirs very colored and all the kids were giggling as they saw the photo magically changed colors.This page from the book as well as the one below contain my two favorite photos of the students using the film cameras. The one above is by Jorge of his classmate Hericberto and I guess he accidentally forgot to use the flash on the right image. When I first saw this image it quickly reminded me of those images shot in the 40s-50s when portraits were shot in black and white and had a lot of grain to the images. Plus, the composition [either accidentally or purposely] was real good making it an unconventional portrait.
This image is of Jorge shot by his classmate Hericberto. When I saw these two images I knew I had to pair them up for the book's layout.

For the book itself, I lost count of how many images are presented but each student had any where between 3-5 pages displaying their photos. I'll post again about this book once it's available online.

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