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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Part 02: "My Diaspora: Philippines"

[Read Part 01 to get a quick background of what this is for]

This is my mom's same hand as of in "America" but the backside. I decided to put the Philippines on this part of her hand that is smooth not because there is lack of work or hardships [I know there are plenty], but because the Philippines is my mom's homeland. It is where her parents and family live; where her younger years of her life has been spent and much much more. One's backhand is incomparable to the palm side--it does not touch the work, become callused, or age as quickly as the palm side--it simply goes unnoticed for most of the part. At the same time, it is never forgotten. We still care for it if we have an injury, maintain our nails and such..

Our homeland is just the same: we remember our families, friends and relatives that still live back home and still keep in contact when we have the chance. Despite the miles apart, we maintain the relationships we have.

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