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Friday, June 20, 2008

Wedding Photographer Claire Lewis @ Books Inc (The Marina)

Claire Lewis and I smile for the camera

Last night, I went to Books, Inc. in the Marina to catch Bay Area wedding photography Claire Lewis with my girlfriend. Unfortunately, we left the house too late (7:50pm [the talk starts at 7:30pm]) in order to catch her talk so this is what happened instead:

At approximately 8:25pm, I enter the bookstore and head towards the back. There I see empty seats and two women talking. I go over to where her books are at and pick one up and then ask one of the ladies (the other one is already walking out). I ask her if this is her book and she immediately says, "Oh no, you must looking for that girl" as she points to the other lady dressed in black. I say "Thank you!" and then rush towards the other lady.

"Excuse me! Ms. Lewis!!"
"Oh, hey!"
"Hey, I missed your talk. I was rushing here with my girlfriend because we left the house late and she's still finding parking. But hey, can you sign this?" I give her the book I just took from the table moments earlier.
"Sure! Who do I make this out to?"
"To me--my name is JJ."
"Just 'J', 'J'?" Funny how that usually happens quite often.
"Yeah!" As she signs the book, there's this usual awkward silence that follows. "And yea, I actually take photos too here in Bay Area."
"Oh really? Hey, tell me then what you think of the book ok? Email me once you're done."
"I will. Thanks again for signing."
"No problem, you take care, k?"
"Will do. Bye!"

So I paid the book and then call Cherry to see where she's at and then glance over to the book that I just bought without ever knowing who she is. I just came because I saw it on the Literature Events in the Book section in SF Chronicle.

Exposed: Confessions of a Wedding Photographer

"To JJ. Best Wishes. - Claire Lewis"

Chestnut St in the Marina

So I'll come back to this book once I'm done reading this and tell yall how it really is.

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