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Friday, May 29, 2009

Photoshoot: Graduation Photos for Emmeline [05/27/09]

A roommate of Mel. Em asked if I can take her photos when I stopped by their apartment to take Mel's headshots with her cap and gown. I've known Em since freshman year [among our group of our annual Kris Kringle group] and it's great to see her don the cap and gown for her graduation.

I'm sure she won't miss these steps from Lone Mountain. No matter how many classes I have there, I dont think I've ever gotten use to climbing those steps!

"Walk... ok... smile..." We both laughed since it is awkward to walk down and pretend you're not being photographed. haha

Here we go to Golden Gate's Music Concourse. Unfortunately it was under construction so I couldn't get a clean body shots since you can see the tractors/yellow tape.

Overcast days = lovely black and white conversions.

A quick shot at Academy of Sciences--using my membership to good use for sure.

Probably one of my favorite sequences. This here is my usual close up shots with my 50mm 1.7 lens and when I said "Breathe through your mouth" I didn't know I'd get Em to start laughing away. haha

Congrats again Em!

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