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Thursday, September 3, 2009

School is Officially Rollin'

School has officially rolled in for me [despite it really beginning last Wednesday]. As I sit in my usual seat next to the window, I realize that I've been in this very same classroom at Cowell Hall [of University of San Francisco] more than a couple of times and see that time has really flown by. This is my last semester as a nursing student and it's been heck of a ride since freshman year. So many learning experiences and especially in nursing, so many lives I've bumped into [in the clinical setting].
I've learned so many things at this very point. Just to start: forgoing the backpack. This is what I now bring to class: My special edition faux-alligator and brown leather backgammon case from St. Vincent de Paul's [thrift store] containing my Moleskines [planner and notebook], a sandwich for the day + tangerine + granola bar, headphones for my iphone, pens, post its; my animated Nalgene bottle, and I guess sunglasses.

Besides easing the load, I've learned that this entire process of schooling in order to graduate also means finding yourself in this crazy mix. School is to help find your passion and when you do, fuels it with the classes, its workload of quizzes, tests, frustrations and deadlines. I'm just about to finish The Dip by Seth Godin, and it's at this point where you find frustrations as "the dip" and you find yourself asking "Should I quit... it's so hard." And when you finally start to pull yourself out of this dip you start to say to yourself "This is me. I can actually pull it off."

Yes, I do photography and I still believe that is a major part of me and my passion. Nursing at that same time surprisingly compliments my passion for photography. The same rules apply for both types of work: importance of communication, time management, and roles as a leader. I've found that my social skills has improved over the course of these years and it has helped a great deal in nursing and photography.

School is always going to be tough. We are entitled to sit down through lectures and that means chances of falling asleep, getting in trouble for texting [like how I did today] and being distracted. Yet when we are out of this classroom, we all still strive to be students of whatever of our passions are. If it's nursing, we find time to read the latest developments and always staying on top of technology and advancements. For photography, we continuously learn through other people and being inspired by other photographers.

I say School is Officially Rollin' and to my understanding, it will always will. I realize that once you stop learning, you stop reaping the potential of your capacity to move forward, advance, and/or change to make a difference and impact.

Surround yourself with material that is viable to you: magazines, literature, websites, anything that will help fuel your passion and ultimately your passion to continue learning. More importantly, surrounding yourself with people that share the same passion will ensure this on-going process of learning will continue and will never burn out.

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