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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Behind The Scenes: Photoshoot: The Park [02/24/2010]

All photographs taken by Cherrymae Jumoc

Dominic Del Bene of Interdependent Media hooked me up again for another shoot after having a collabo with Donwill last month. This time, it was San Francisco's The Park band at Mojito in North Beach.

We shot downstairs of Mojito and that was a first for me--walking through a kitchen with all my equipment.

Even though I prepared for an hour, after setting up the lights and placement I only had about 35 minutes to make images.

The hardest part was not knowing where to shoot since I didn't know where to shoot to begin with. After doing a quick assessment of where I can put the lights, I began to set them. Cher was making fun of me since I was sweating already and I haven't even taken a picture!

The four core band members were present to be photographed and two others followed soon after.

Yes. Plenty of beer cases and even more kegs were in the area.

My main set up was two lights--one main with an umbrella and background kicker with a red gel placed over the light.

Thank you to The Park for your time allowing me to photograph you right before you show, Dominic of course for making this happen and my girlfriend Cher for helping me carry the 50lbs+ of equipment and taking these kick ass shots!

Pics are to be posted soon!

Behind The Scenes: Fabric Selection for Anna Lisa's Photoshoot

Earlier in the week, my friend and stylist for my upcoming shoot Jane Park assisted me in choosing the right fabric prop for Anna Lisa's photoshoot this weekend.

We ended up at a high end store in Daly City called JoAnn's Fabrics & Crafts to do our fabric research.

Here's Jane looking into several white sheen fabrics and for now, I don't want to spoil it but will reveal it in the pictures later from the shoot.

We finally settled on a certain type of fabric as it didn't give off too much "noise" when the fabric overlapped each other.

This lady's name is Kennedy..what a name right?! But we got 2 yards total I believe and fortunately I was able to use a 40% coupon and so it the total cost of the fabric was around $8.

The shoot will be on Sunday and will definitely be posting behind the scenes and of course the actual edited photos.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

If you could describe yourself in one word what would that word be and why?


I feel that this word can mean a lot and so for one I am connected to the internet a lot--social networking, blogs, news, art portfolios, etc. I feel that a lot of my spare time goes there.

I feel that I am connected to my [photography] work. As a photographer, creating images gives me ownership and so surely I'll forever be connected with any body of work I do.

Last but not least, I'm connected to my family and friends. For me, it's a must and will always will be.

Ask me anything



He wrote this response:
I'm a former journalist (and used Adobe Photoshop all the time) and currently teach. I'm constantly writing things down in my Moleskines -- notes from work, ideas, lists, plans for the future, everything. I love them. I would certainly love (and could always use) another one! I'm "empty" without my Moleskine.

I was fair when picking the winner as I used a random number generator to pick the winner from both blogger comments and twitter mentions, so no hate please! haha

So Mathew, please email me at jcasas[dot]photography[at]gmail[dot]com (Sorry had to write it like that but trying to avoid spam) and leave your full name and address and the Moleskine x Adobe Photoshop Weekly Planner will be on your way! Congrats!

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Are you afraid of dying?

Yes. But only if I didn't make a difference in the world or I leave this place without being remembered for something.

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Friday, February 19, 2010

Moleskine x Adobe Photoshop Weekly Planner 2010...WIN ONE!

Totally unexpected: Adobe Photoshop's 20th Anniversary event in San Francisco's Palace of Fine Arts not only gave out the planned t-shirt and poster, but also this cool Moleskine weekly planner 2010 with the branded logo of Photoshop.

As a big fan of Moleskine notebooks writing and using one everyday, I was definitely all giddy to see this there on the table waiting for me. FOR FREE.

A close up of the embossed logo of Photoshop on Moleskine's weekly planner. And the cooler part? The guy gave me TWO. Surely these are limited and to think of it do I need two of these?

Hm, should I raffle one out to the readers? YES!

There are two ways you can win [in the U.S. only]:

1. Comment below and give me enough reason to send you one. Tell me why you want it and/or how you will use it despite in today's digital world.


2. Tweet the following message: I want that limited Moleskine x Photoshop weekly planner from @jjasef !

Entries will close at 4:00pm Pacific Time on Wednesday February 24, 2010
Raffle Rules:
- 1 entry only [either comment or tweet]
- Open to U.S. only
- Winner will be announced both on blog and twitter so stay tuned and good luck!

Event: Adobe Photoshop 20th Anniversary (02/18/2010: Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco)

First off, cheers to Adobe Photoshop for celebrating their 20th year of existence. This is the program that has changed our lives through media [and sometimes controversy]. It doesn't hurt to note that these drinks in our hands were free courtesy to the free "bar" [wine, soda, and beer]. Pictured here is my friends Apol and Gee.

I found out about this free event and signed up the people close to me [and who are familiar with Photoshop]. Glad that the Photohop Guys brought this celebration here in San Francisco.

If you use Photoshop enough, I'm sure you've cared to know the "big players." Seated up above and host for the evening is one of the three Photoshop Guys Scott Kelby. Surely you've seen his dozens of books he's authored from how to effectively use an iPod to his Digital Photography Volumes 1-3.

He explained the key features from each version of Photoshop and brought out the other main players: Dave Cross, Matt Kloskowski [the other two of the Photoshop Guys], Julieanne Kost, RC Concepcion, and Corey Barker. Each explained the key features from each Photoshop version leading to today's Photoshop CS4 and definitely showed us all cool tips along the way.

The highlight of the evening was Russell Brown's presentation of the history of Photoshop using his "old-school" video projector in which you can see live in motion whatever he places on the table [I forget what you call it].

His key presentation was the most original, creative, and purely funny thing I've seen lately. He did "mess up" but had the crowd in laughter as he covered his mistakes. I wished I took video of this amazing presentation but surely you can find it online as it was streamed live by NAPP [National Association of Professional Photographers].

Russell Brown also announced that about 40 lucky people were to have the chance to install a fully working Photoshop 1.0 on their iPhones. The person next to me got one! Dangit.

At the end of the night, we got a sneak preview of what's in development and how Photoshop CS5 [or whatever] will be "content aware."

Watch clip below:

We all applaud the Photoshop's extensive development team--I think there's like 40 or so people present tonight and got first dibs on the 1st row of seats.

I was able to take a pic with Dave Cross himself as he passed out the free t-shirts, posters, and what?! A CUSTOM PHOTOSHOP BRANDED MOLESKINE?! [see related post for shots of it].

I was able to snag two of them and why didn't I get Dave and the others to sign it?! Fail.

Definitely glad to come out to this event not only because it was free but because I was able to see [and meet] the Photoshop greats.

ADLs: Cubicle

Taken on February 18, 2010

I picked up a temp job in a web company in San Francisco and I haven't been in a cubicle for so long. Today was my first day and I will say the best part was eating lunch the company provided. Turkey sandwich with real bacon and avocado. Nice.

As far as my job title, it's data entry. I logged in 2,200 companies today in the database for their sales reps in 5 hours. I think that's a lot.

The blog roll "ADLs" is a series of images of my "Activities of Daily Living". Yes, that's a nursing term so it's fitting for where I am now--nursing student about to graduate with a passion for photography. A new post is expected to be up everyday.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Event: Macworld Expo 2010 (02/12/10: Moscone Center, San Francisco)

It was my first time [as well as my girlfriend's] to the annual Macworld Expo at San Francisco's Moscone Center. Even though Steve and Jobs and Apple weren't present, it was definitely worth visiting and seeing the plethora of Apple products.

I ain't gonna lie: I was excited when we were going down the escalator and seeing the floor.

Yes, we were there for "business" reasons. Having jC Photography on our passes was a ncie touch.

There were far too many products but I did just take a snap of a few that I liked. The photo above are the new colored match batteries from HyperMac. These are the new ones that provide charge to your burned out iPod/iPhone/Touch but they do offer the larger batteries for your MacBook/Pro.

I Woot alot [or at least check it every 10pm Pacific Time] and I'm glad to have picked up the NeatReceipts portable scanner and Mac software. I've been able to easily digitize my receipts as well as any legal sized documents and store them organized. If I need to pull up a certain document, I can search for it within the program just like how Spotlight works in OSX.

What I had on my Amazon wishlist, I just received the Blue Snowball USB microphone from my two best friends [a belated Graduation and Christmas present haha]. They had their line present and was able to ask the reps about their latest THX approved [the only of its kind] Yetti.

I had to take a picture with Word. lol He's definitely representing-both West Side and Microsoft Word!

Joby and their extensive flexible tripods. What used to be for small compacts can now accommodate DSLRs with zoom lenses and HD cameras.

Until next time Macworld!

And one more thing... while leaving and on our way for brunch at Samovar Tea Lounge, these fellas took the Parrot AR Drones for a spin!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Event: Hopie Spitshard Music Video World Premiere "Yummy" at SOM bar, SF

My friend and I attended Kid Heroes Productions' World Premiere Music Video event of female MC Hopie Spitshard's "Yummy" at San Francisco's SOM bar.

Because I was the official still photographer for the music video, I definitely wanted to check out this video before it's officially released on Valentine's Day [This Sunday, Feb 14].

Everyone at the room was able to view this fantastic music video on the wall thanks to the projector that was sitting right beside me.

This is Hopie Spitshard herself who happens to be celebrating her birthday this very evening along with co-star J Billion. I was gonna ask to get a picture with her but then again I already had one on set with her.

That's the editor AJ Calomay and director Patricio Ginelsa explaining briefly all the hard work put into this independent video.

He also thanks the cast and crew who put their time into this video treat and is glad that everyone can now view it.

Prior to the actual video a Making Of featurette was presented.

The crowd in attendance sings J Billion [it was his birthday celebration too] and Hopie a very Happy Birthday. That is a cake and you need to see the video to understand...

A definitely cool moment as they blow the candles away and begin to celebrate this already momentous occasion.

Thanks Pat for allowing me to partake in this video and for you Hopie, I wish you a very happy birthday again! I can only wish for the both of yall continued success!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

ADLs: Solitude

Taken on February 09, 2010

I went to Green Apple Books in San Francisco and I just love this place. You go in there without even knowing what you want and surely you'll come out with a great book and price to go along with it. I usually stay on the main floor but my girlfriend and I ventured upstairs which I don't recall visiting. Ever.

In one of the rooms upstairs I stumbled upon this lone student's chair surrounded by ceiling high bookshelves and just thought what a place to read.

My haul for the evening was two Frida Kahlo books (my favorite non photographer artist)--Frida Kahlo (Emma Dexter and Tanya Barson) and Frida Kahlo: The Still Lifes (Solomon Grimberg). If I were to buy these on Amazon it would've cost me $70+. I only paid $17.68 =)

On the side note, I realized I haven't posted anything under the ADL's label series [to be exact, since November 28, 2009] and will definitely continue to do so.

The blog roll "ADLs" is a series of images of my "Activities of Daily Living". Yes, that's a nursing term so it's fitting for where I am now--nursing student about to graduate with a passion for photography. A new post is expected to be up everyday.

Monday, February 8, 2010

What I've Learned In Nursing: Show Up

Show Up

"Does the professor take attendance?"
"I don't think so..."
"OK, good! I'll just be back next week then. I gotta do something anyways."


We all nursing students asked this question to our friends or have been asked of this I'm sure sometime in our college nursing classroom life. Some day or another, you'll find yourself bored or unwilling to go to class since "She just goes over what I read last night" or "The PowerPoint slides will suffice."

I've done it. I've skipped classes.

And then I've regretted it.

What I've learned is that showing up to class is far more than showing up for a course you've enrolled in. When you attend class, you do justice to the tuition you paid and the money is costs per unit. When you attend class, you pay respect to the professor by being present and ready to learn. When you attend class, you attend a community of students eager as you to learn (or sleep or eat since you skipped breakfast). When you attend class, you meet with friends (and those you do not like) and share a commonality of sitting and listening. When you attend class, you simply show up.

In regards to life, showing up is big. It's not just being on time, watching a dance performance of a friend to show support, or going to an opera house that you don't like but for your significant other you will [or have to]. Yes, that is part of showing up but is not the most important.

Showing up does not only mean physically being there; more importantly it is your mentality showing up.

What matters is not how you look like when you show up (it's OK to look sleepy or if you forgot to shave this morning), but how you are when you show up.

Here are a few guidelines I've followed and I hope you adopt some or even make your own set for Showing Up.

Showing Up: The Guidelines:

1. Showing Up = Being Present.
Be on time [or even early]. Show support. Be there for others without them asking for you. Be present because you care. Be present even if you don't care because it matters.

2. Leave Your Ego Out the Door Before Entering.

Be respectful of those present around you. You are showing up for something or someone; not yourself! Everyone can be selfish but for at least a moment try not thinking of what you will gain from being there. Enjoy the moment.

3. Put A Smile On
Studies show that if you smile [despite feeling crappy], your mood will elevate. Even if you don't want to be there, don't show with your body language of slump shoulders and a sulking attitude. That will surely deflate the moods of others. Instead, mask those negative signs by smiling and showing gratitude to the simple fact of being somewhere and not nowhere.

Plus, you don't want to be known as the one who injects negative vibes or brings the party down. Join others and have fun already.

4. Think Positive. Be Positive.
It's not about why you showed up; it's about how you are when you show up. No one will know that you got a flat tire going here. No one will know that you just failed an exam yesterday. No one will know that you lost $20 to some stupid 3 cups and a ball street gamble on a MUNI bus (that happened to me Freshman year...damnit). Of course, no one will know any of this even unless you told them.

All that matters immediately to the receiving people around you is how you are when you show up because that's the first thing they'll know immediately. Be positive and they too will greet you with positive vibes. Showing up and immediately talking about how that stupid flat tire ruined the day and well you'll receive "Oh I'm sorry!" and all but...that's probably it.

Even if you do share the bad news with people....

5. Laugh It Off!

Humor I think is one of the best gifts that we are given that doesn't require classes to take or money to buy. Learn how to use humor. Learn how to embrace it and receive it. Learn how to give it. Learn how to to laugh at yourself!

I hope you enjoy this post and next time, Show Up for sure. Take care.

WILIN "What I've Learned in Nursing" is a new blog reel that takes bits and pieces from what I've learned as a nursing student at University of San Francisco (c/o Fall 2009) and apply it to the rest of the real world. It is my attempt now to "combine" photography and nursing as many people have suggested who know I am conflicted with nursing and photography as a job/career.


...with a FRESH NEW DESIGN! Take a visit already:

Friday, February 5, 2010

Currently My Favorite Quote:

"There's no reward in tiptoeing through life only to make it safely to death." - David duChemin, VisionMongers (currently reading)

For a quick inspiring video, watch Gary Vaynerchuk on what it takes to be a linchpin

Linchpin: GaryVee from Seth Godin on Vimeo.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Ad: Samsung 2View - Be My Valentine

Produced by LAVA Communications, Sydney

Valentine's Day is coming soon! Thought this video was funny and at the same time messed up that she posted the pictures on Facebook. Dang woman! Creating some drama!