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Thursday, July 15, 2010

KSE: Mini Photography Workshop

Lately I've been more involved in the community program KSE as I've given a total of 4 [including this mini] workshops. For this workshop held on July 14, 2010, it was focused more on camera phone photography since the group of kids are doing a project with a low budget. For me, that's totally fine since any camera you have is a good camera than none!

I went over some basics of photography and then went outside to practice a bit. I then went over their images as viewed it projected onto the wall and gave back some constructive feedback.

Being involved in these community workshops has not only helped the attendees in understanding photography [my passion] but has ignited a love of teaching for me. I know I've taught kids in photography but having an older crowd who can actively give feedback is really great.

While I helped this group start on their paths to this photography project, I will be overseeing the production so I will be able to help them still. It's scheduled to be completed in late September so I'll try to give updates when I can!

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