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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

E-Session: Patricio and Melanie (08/22/10) - Behind the Scenes

All photos by Nicole Velazco

After my session with Louie and Bern, I had a mini break before heading out to my next engagement shoot with Pat and Mel.

You may be wondering why this is the first picture of this BTS series post... well, low and behold that actually is me when I was about 3-4 years old! This engagement session was for my friend Patricio who is also a director for his Kid Heroes Productions. When we were kids [meaning for me, I was the baby of them all], we'd play baseball with all the other kids in the neighborhood. He and his brother made actual baseball cards of most of the kids who played baseball and so when I arrived, he wanted to show me my very own card circa 1990-1991. haha!

Knowing Pat, he previsualized his very own engagement session and so I was there to help accomplish his vision as well as chime in with my very own direction.

I ain't gonna lie: directing an actual director is daunting haha But remembering Pat and Mel as friends made the whole shoot smooth.

Pictured above is Pat's brother Darriel while Pat gets a really old video camera prepped for the shoot. In the back, Mel is getting ready with make up.

I have Pat and Mel review the pics we shot in their director's chairs before we proceed to the next location.

Before we took our pics at Embarcadero, they wanted to be pictured with their favs Coffee Bean and Tuttimelon frozen yogurt. They were nice enough to grab Nicole and I some too to beat the weather!

Just noticed in the above picture that we all seem to be pointing with some concerned looks haha I believe this is where I'm talking to them and letting them know where we'll head soon afterward.

Where we were pointing at is where we are now.. at one of the piers with the Bay Bridge in the background.

One of the last locations was at Hillside Park in Daly City. This certain location Pat has used couple of times in his featured videos like his 1st trilogy Kid Heroes and Lumpia.

Again showing them a preview of the shots I took to ensure everything's A-ok!

Per tradition, I take a group photo with everyone involved in the shoot: here's a pic with Dar.

And then my assistant and I...
..and as always, the Funny Face pic!

Thanks again Pat and Mel! Can't wait to show you both the final pics and of course be present at your wedding! =)

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