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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Photoshoot: "The Sound Lab" feat. IQ [07/17/2010] EDITS

For San Jose-based rapper IQ, I developed a concept involving his childhood dream of becoming a scientist and his rapper name IQ. Together along with MotionScope Studies members, I was able to bring this concept into reality.

Here's some links leading up to the final edits shown below:
Concept: The Sound Lab for IQ [06/17/10]
BTS Photos [07/21/10]
BTS Video [07/29/10]

Full Credits:
Talent: IQ (
Manager: Row
Photographer: JJ Casas
1st Assistant: John Enriquez
2nd Assistant: Diane Ayson
Stylist: Jane Park
BTS Photographer: Nicole Velazco
BTS Videographer: Vinette Guiterrez

Now without further adeau, here's some of the final edits that rapper IQ and manager Row approved. Be on the lookout to see these images on the web soon!

Thanks for coming by and hope you enjoyed the series!

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