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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Ad Campaign: Molecover

With a number of photoshoots and editing behind me, I have more time to push forward the ad campaign I'm directing for I had the opportunity to meet the founder of the company and sit down to talk about how we can elevate the visibility of Molecover. We ended up with a San Francisco-based campaign to showcase the Molecovers and Moleskines in various popular San Franciso spots.

The first series of this campaign is at Golden Gate Park. Stay tuned for images from this ad campaign that I'm producing! For now, enjoy the first series below!

Click the images to enlarge!

Shot of the Molecovers at the Boat House in Stow Lake

Molecovers in front of Conservatory of Flowers

Molecovers take a visit to Academy of Sciences

A Molecover pictured at the Music Concourse in Golden Gate Park

Molecover sitting on a bench in front of de Young Museum

Stay tuned for the next San Francisco x Molecover series coming soon!


Aileen said...

Wow. I love the concept, Juh. Great Job!

And thank you again for introducing me to Moleskines. I. Am. Obsessed. Now.

JJ Casas ( said...

haha! well I am obsessed too with em. I just got my Moleskine Kindle cover and it's fackn sick. Makes me wanna read more than ever again lol